The only thing you need to do in second year!!


There is this weird process that happens in Second Year – a combination of finally finding your feet, realising the workload actually counts & then remembering that you have ages till you graduate – it is like that awkward stage of being a teenager when your face looks like the moon, with lots of little craters (AKA Spots!).

Which is totally understandable; there is a leap from first to second year – just like there will be a leap from second to final year!

The thing is we are now in November, you may have started this academic year with the mindset to achieve great things, start assignments on time & get them finished before the deadline, start eating healthier (maybe even cut out McDonalds all together), be more responsible with money & use all the services the Uni has to offer. But by now I am assuming, and maybe wrongly so, that you are in the Library writing an assignment that is due in tomorrow; or you have just gone via Tesco and bought your weekly shop which basically consists of chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks?

We’ve all been there, in fact during my second year I was a regular at the McDonalds down the street & in the local supermarket I really only ever bought bagels and sweets (a combination that does actually go quite well together!) Second year is a really strange concept because it is too early to start thinking about where you will go after university but suddenly it holds a lot more standing as your grades will contribute to your final degree classification. My number one piece of advice for what you can do either during the christmas break or (and) after you come back in January is find some good work experience!

The thing is final year is TOUGH, you spend a lot of time working because the assignments are harder, they hold an even bigger percentage in what your degree will be & you will want to cram as much ‘uni’ into the short months you will have left as a student. Whilst this year is no breeze it is way less of a ball ache that what you shall face!

So use that time where you are not doing all the assignment work, drinking with friends or watching Netfix’s to build up an amazing CV!

If you are in Second Year then let me know what has been the one ‘promise’ you’ve set yourself & not stuck by? (Mine was that I would start all assignments on the first day I got them!)


Plus if your University offers a Placement year – TAKE IT! I will be writing some more posts on the placement application process over the next few months!

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