Winter Ambition: A Reading List for Ballsy Women.

This is my first post as a member of the Bullish Blog Network; which I am very very VERY excited about! 

Bullish was created (and envisioned) by Jen Dziura, and is career advice for determined individuals who want to construct their own path in their own way! You can read tons more about this on the website – which I highly recommend you do! I’ve been a BIG fan of Jen’s articles for years, partially because she is a wonderful writer but mainly because I found her whilst at University and at a time when I needed that push, that reminder – i’m in charge of my future! 

That’s what we all need sometimes to read something that motivates and propels you forward. I’m all for feeling empowered and over the last few months have been reading books that inspire, engage and teach me things; which is all propelled from the fact I am no longer a Student but don’t count myself as a ‘real’ graduate as I am still on the Job Hunt! 

These are a few books that I’ve loved and that I hope you will too!

Lean In: For Graduates by Sheryl Sandberg

I did a full book review of this last week, but it really is a great book that I highly recommend! If you are not a recent graduate or current university student then the original Lean In book is equally as good (and pretty much the same). Out of all the books on my reading list this is the most ‘academic’ in the sense that is very focused on teaching and sharing advice; the points raised are things that I was already aware of, but Sheryl gives honest stories of ways to get past the ‘problems’.  

#GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso

I finished this book within 3 days of purchase & it really is a good read, it is more of a memoir and the story of how Sophia got to where she is, alongside a few tips. A lot of people had recommended this book and for that reason I was both excited and wary to read it, I grant you that it is a little repetitive & there were a few chapters that I found slightly condescending in their tone with the ‘advice’ not being that helpful. However it is much more of a relaxed read compared to Lean In, and it did inspire me to go ahead and do the things I been ‘dreaming’ about (but obviously not putting into action!) 

The Noughtie Girl’s Guide to Feminism by Ellie Levenson

This is the first Feminist book that I ever read – I was 16 & I owe a lot to this shaping who I am as a individual. I found it to be both informative and interesting without being condescending and whilst there are newer and more ‘popular’ books out there that talk about the idea of Feminism I am bias to Ellie’s book!

Basically this is on my list because I think all Women & Men should count themselves as a Feminist, equality for all is extremely important especially when talking internationally!

Rookie Yearbook (One & Two) by Tavi Gevinson

I remember reading Tavi’s Fashion Blog all through secondary school & Rookie Mag, although aimed at ‘teens’, is a fantastic site. One of the best things they have done it collate their articles and posts into a yearbook for each of the years the site has been running! I love reading the essays that individuals have written and whenever I am having a ‘bad’ day, reading these incredible stories helps me regain focus! 

45 Pep Talks by Kara Haupt

This Women is by far one of the most amazing and talented individuals! I have followed Kara for years (in a non stalkerish way!) across her different blogs and through to her recent creation Babe Vibes! She produced an amazing booklet of Pep Talks that are perfect to read when you just need a lift, a push to get you back to being your amazing self! 

These are only a handful of books that are worth reading, the other Bullish Bloggers have recommended some incredible books that I cannot wait to get my hand on – so check out Katherine Shives & Jamie Lee’s posts! Also if you have any suggestions of books that I should be reading then let me know!!