Graduate Journey: September 2014 (and start of October)

I understand that I am a few weeks late in this being a ‘September’ update post, however lets not let the date get in the way to a good old catch-up!
Back at the start of September (Wednesday 3rd – to be exact), whilst in Berlin, I found a fantastic job opportunity via a re-tweet on twitter. When I say it was a fantastic job I am not exaggerating, this was the perfect one for me, it brought together my passion for using events to engage with young people – in a company that seems to embrace creating something meaningful and engaging.
Right of the bat I should say that sadly I didn’t get the job BUT it gave me the chance to do another video application (the last one being for The Eventice). I got through to the interview stage & participated in an enjoyable social media challenge that set the goal of creating a week long campaign  on a topic of choice that fitted with the goals and focus of the organisation.

The rest of my time has been spent trying to update my CV, but its been hard.

You know when you get to the point of only having to make a few small changes, but those small changes are really complicated and mess up the whole formatting of the document, so you give up and go watch box set re-runs?! Well thats the stage I have been at for around a week and a half!

Applying for jobs is a combination of determination and an ability to fully ‘get’ online applications; you know the ones where you attach your CV but then have to write out your full education and past jobs! It is mentality defeating!

Alongside all the applications i’ve been doing some regular freelance work for a start-up company, they work within the Ed-Tech B2B area (something that I have not previously been exposed too) – which has been incredibly interesting and quite a learning curve.

So for now I am still on the Job Hunt, somedays it can be very boring and little is achieved but slowly and surely I am getting to grips with this long and windy process that is Graduate Life!

If you are a recent Graduate, how is the Job Hunt going for you?? 

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