Book Review: Lean In

Way back in 2012 when I was on my placement I wrote about how to beat the boredom of the commute to work, which of course was just a list of some fantastic books worth reading!

Because the thing is a commute cannot be done without a great book to help pass away the long journey; but whilst at uni it can be very hard to find the motivation to read any book that isn’t a course requirement, the benefit of being a graduate means no more essays and the time to fall in love with reading once again!!

I have spoken before about how inspirational I find Sheryl Sandberg’s TED talk & in September I finished reading her book – Lean In: For Graduates – and MAN do I highly recommend it to any recent Graduate (Male or Female!)

This book is a development from her 2013 book Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead, however with added chapters and examples tailored towards and from graduates. It is not a How To guide but more a point of inspiration, a well written book that gives an understanding of entering the work force and issues women can face. **The video above is a great review from Sanne & well worth a watch!**

Of course there were chapters that I didn’t find as interesting as others, partly because I am not at that stage in my life and also because I picked up the American version by accident so a lot of the advice and additional stories weren’t as relevant or useful as I was hoping. However Sheryl has a very engaging way of writing & whilst a fair amount of the advice are partially common sense it was great hearing personal stories from her past; I specifically liked the chapters about sitting at the table & on how women often make career decisions based on a family responsibilities they don’t yet have!

I couldn’t help but feel empowered once I had finished it, and as I am still in the process of job hunting it also made me feel like I still have options and I don’t have to settle for ‘any’ job! So if you are a recent graduate, have just started your final year at university or are just wanting an engaging and inspiring book to read – I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this one!

I’ve also just read #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso & shall be writing a book review about that one as well. If you have any other suggestions on books that are on a similar topic to both Lean in & Girl Boss then please let me know in the comments or via twitter – I want to fill my head and shelves with books that are really inspiring and engaging! Also let me know if you have read this book & what you think!