University Fresher Tips 2.0

Hello September! You know what that means, BACK TO SCHOOL TIME!

Wait what! You mean because I have graduated University I can’t partake in these festivities!?

Are you crazy?! I love reading people’s tips for students heading into the academic year, you may remember last year I posted my tips for Freshers & this year I decided to update that list with a few additional insights!

Last years snippets of advice *THAT ARE STILL ON BALL*:

  • It is true everyone does get Homesick & it is totally normal and understandable! 
  • It is fun being ‘responsible’ for yourself – watching TV shows back-to-back on Netflix’s is expectable as is eating Domino’s once a week! Live like a real student! 
  • Having crazy drunk stories to tell in the future is something us older students do! Sad fact, I often think back on my carefree days of freshers with longing! 
  • There is nothing better than getting to study something that you are truly interested in & it beats A-levels hands down! 
  •  Still true: Whites and Darks can be washed together! 
  • Stick to supermarket own brands, they have student friendly prices!
  • Your tutors are there to help and it really is important that you use them before and after writing assignments. Once you get to second and final year you will wish that you had taken advantage of their time and expertise. 
  • Use you time wisely, take 10 minutes before you carry on with your Breaking Bad marathon to plan that essay! Plus go and speak to a uni advisor about your CV and covering letter – that way you will stand out from other students! 
  • TAKE THAT DAMN PLACEMENT YEAR or YEAR ABROAD!! You will learn so much & experience things that cannot be taught in a lecture! 

Updated pieces of advice:

Get involved in a Society or Sports Team.

Societies and sports teams are a fantastic way to both meet friends and further your university experience. I was part of my Events Society in first and second year & through it I met students in other years and they made me realise just how important experience is on your CV. Whilst Uni is often associated with ‘Fun’ you are also there to further your career and education – the joy of societies is that it can be the combination of both!

Don’t fret about making friends, everyone is in the same boat, just take advantage of the events organised by the SU and university. 
My biggest regret of my freshers experience is not going out to all the events or talking to random people in that first week! I had only been 18 for 2 weeks before I started my course & that first night I arrived I made the mistake of not attending the SU event, for some reason I decided to stick to my comfort zones! You are only a Fresher once, go out – force yourself to speak to everyone & just take it in!

A very small selection of what I took with me to University back in 2010

You will pack way too much & take things that in 12 months time you will wish you had left at your parents.

There isn’t a lot you can do to counter act this, everyone does it! However buy all your kitchen crap & food once you have arrived at your Halls, wait and see what other bring before buying 17 pots and pans – everyone brings multiples of the same equipment!

Eastpak are running a twitter competition that you may be interesting in – till the end of September you can tweet your fresher survival tip with the hashtag #madeforfreshers and everyday The National Student shall pick a tweet to win one of Eastpak’s bags! Reading all the tweets does make me wan’t to head back to Uni, but instead I shall be applying for big, real-life, graduate jobs!!

If you do plan to share your fresher tip then why not also send a tweet with #EventStudents about the 1 piece of advice you wish you had known before you started uni! Drop the tweet to the @EventStudents1 & get involved with the #EventStudents Project!