The National Blog Awards 2015 #UKBA15

It has been 5 months since I crazily won the Best Individual Events Blog at the 2014 National Blog Awards & i’m still trying to find the perfect place to house it! But the time has come for nominations for the 2015 awards!

I entered last year because they are the first people to recognised so many different topic areas, other than the typical fashion and beauty blogs, which included the Events Industry – ideal as this blog *and many others* focuses on this topic area. Blogging is popular across many different industries & it is great to see that being noted and shared!

This year the awards are getting bigger & better, without a doubt there shall be many more people getting involved. Obviously I have entered once again because WHY NOT!? However it is my personal aim to see more events blogs partaking in this amazing opportunity, the whole reason myself and Irina created the #EventBlogChat is to connect more events bloggers together, & because we want to see more people using blogs as a platform to communicate on event industry matters!

Now I promise I won’t be bombarding you when the public voting opens, I was shocked last year to even get shortlisted and winning has changed a lot of things for me – its opened a ton of doors and opportunities but this year I just want to see some great blogs being seen and spoken about!

If you are thinking about entering but are unsure, DON’T BE! You might not win but you will meet some amazing people, learn from others & realise even more about what you want to do with your blog! Last year I met the wondering Suzy, Annie, Irina, Becky & so many many more incredible bloggers & this year I want to do just the same; if you are thinking about going ahead and participating them please let me know in the comments or via twitter!