October #EventBlogChat – SEO

Bonus Monday Blog Post!!

Got two exciting posts up tomorrow, will be up after 6am, & on Thursday but next Monday is the next instalment of #EventBlogChat & obviously you need to see all the Questions!! So, come joint us on the 6th of October at 9pm GMT. 

Crazy how quickly September has gone & the fact it has been a month since we talked about Engaging Content, thank you to everyone who participated! As we announced last month in our next chat we shall be talking all about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), a highly requested topic and one that we wanted to give our full attention too! 

We all know that if a site appears at the top of any search engine list then more visitors will click through to that page, but it seems most of us are not as clued into how you go about making sure you are using SEO effectively, which is why SEO is our October topic. We have the questions listed below but as this is a very detailed topic we would love for you to tweet your own questions throughout the chat (just remember to included #eventblogchat


Q1. What do you understand SEO to actually mean? 

Q2. How are you currently going about increasing your SEO standing? 

Q3. What tips do you have for anyone who is just starting to look into SEO? 

Q4. Do you have any links or websites that people can go too to learn more about SEO?

Q5. If you aren’t currently using SEO, what are you hoping it shall do for you? 

Q6. Yours own questions on SEO! Ask Away! 

Irina and myself look forward to chatting with you all on Monday 6th of October at 9pm GMT! 

Have a great week!  

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  • Interesting #EventBlogChat, will try to join the conversation and have a few tips to share from own mistakes/experiences. Looking forward to this…

  • Fantastic, hope you can make it as it would be great to hear your tips! 🙂