Summer Internship Opportunities for Event Students.

Right now we are part of the way through the first month of that elongated summer holiday that university students are blessed with. You may be having the time of your life hanging out with friends, planning trips away and just relaxing your days away – or you could be getting a little annoyed at having moved back in with your parents, friends may be too busy working to hang out & the lack of finances may mean you are unable to afford to jet out of the UK.

Us event students are more than used to hearing about how ‘experience’ is what lands you the job when you graduate and as you may be sitting there twiddling your thumbs – maybe a summer internship is actually what you need.
The great thing is that down here at I’m a Damn Student HQ (which is currently any coffee shop with free wifi) i’ve been on the search for some exciting opportunities that may appeal to you!
The wonderful guys over at School of Wok (Read my Interview with Nev – the Director and Co-Founder) have a Sales and Marketing Internship opportunity for this summer, it is based in Covent Garden and seems like a brilliant experience + I can vouch that the food is amazing! All information about SOW opportunity can be found here.
The Concerto Group are currently looking for a Marketing Intern – the full job description can be found here.
If you are more interested in the practical side of events, TORO Event Crew are always looking out for people to join their team with the rigging of events and offer opportunities in stage building and event production, you can apply here.
And if you are wanting to work at any festivals this summer there are various opportunities to work at Greenbelt, Shambala Festival and Nozstock. You can also look to steward at some of the bigger music festivals such as Reading, Leeds and Glastonbury.
Volunteering and internships is something I have had quite a lot of experience with, hence my post last Tuesday on Volunteer Week, and I am happy to answer any questions you may have on the topic. Feel free to leave me a comment, tweet me or if you would rather then please drop me an email