July’s #EventBlogChat: Event Blog Logos and Pictures

Picture by Rayi Christian W

Last month we launched and held the first official #EventBlogChat, we want to say thank you to everyone who participated and made the first #EventBlogChat a successful one on the 2nd June. There were some fantastic suggestions that came in for the topic and we are exciting to announce the second chat will be all about ‘Event Blog Logos and Pictures’.

The idea behind the #EventBlogChat twitter chat is to provide event bloggers worldwide the opportunity to speak to other bloggers, network and share advice. The chat takes place on the first Monday of each month between 9-10pm GMT, and each month the chat shall have a series of questions planned around the topic, as well as allowing people to ask their own questions.

Q1: Do you use your own pictures or use stock images for blog posts?
Q2: How important do you think it is to provide a source to the image used?
Q3: How do you protect your own images?
Q4: How important it is for you to incorporate images in your posts?
Q5: Do you have a blog logo? If yes, how did you create it?

Please use the #EventBlogChat hashtag during the discussion and feel free to tweet us any questions or future topic suggestions @EventBlogChat.

We hope to see you all again on Monday 7th July at 9pm GMT.

Irina & Caitlin