Graduate Journey: June 2014

I have now been leading the ‘Graduate-Life’ for three weeks and in that time have seen many people on my course land event jobs seamlessly right after finishing the course. 

I however have achieved the following in the last 3 weeks; moved back home, got sunburnt from spending ages outside in the sun *without wearing sun cream*, joined the gym, started my ‘part-time job‘, worked on & had the first #EventBlogChat, plus spent many hours in London as well as hanging out with friends. 
You may note that I haven’t written down the vital ‘applied for jobs’ sentence! Well yes, I made the decision to take a small break before I went full speed into the job hunt. However the sudden rush of free time has meant i’ve been quite complacent and un-motivated to do much at all, suddenly the prospect of applying for jobs when I am still unsure of the direction and area of events I want to work in has been quite a lot to deal with! 
Sadly seeing other graduates suddenly start their new event jobs has not been the most helpful, rather then motivating me to start the application process it made me want to curl up and play sims 3 for many hours! I know that some people will find job within weeks on finishing uni and for others it will take a few months but sadly that doesn’t fill me with motivation at this point in time; however my copy of Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In for Graduates came in the post a few days ago and after reading a few chapters it has kicked me into gear. I’ve been waiting to purchase the book for quite a while, ever since I heard a new addition was being published aimed towards graduates & especially after I heard all the great reviews on the original Lean In book.


I am trying to be realistic with the job hunt mainly because I am a realist, but also because I have seen friends graduate over a year ago who are still struggling to find a job. 

Ideally I want to have a job in 6 months time, which would be around November, I am not setting that goal in stone because I am all too aware of how things might *and will* change in that time, but an ideal situation is that I am back in the employment game before the end of 2014! 
Some of you may think that 6 months is a long time but I am going to direct you to the three videos below from these three brilliant ladies, Lex Croucher, Rosianna Halse Rojas and Sanne Vliegenthart. I not only think that they give some great advice but they are also fantastic at giving some motivation to tackle the job hunt!

So over the next month I shall start applying for all the jobs which really interest me! Lets hope for some responses! 

Oh graduate life, fun times lie ahead I see!

I shall be writing a monthly update on my personal journey, partly to motivate myself but also to share the experience of graduate job hunting!

Let me know how your graduate journey is going/went & any tips you want to pass on to students looking for jobs! 

  • Oh, great post. This will be me in a years time and I’m already getting scared. Good luck – hope your job hunting goes well!

  • suzymarie56

    High five for a fellow Sims player haha! I haven’t played it for ages but I spent HOURS on it at uni!! (Geek) Anyway. I’m sure something will come up for you soon but I think you’re doing right not putting pressure on yourself. I put a LOT of pressure on myself (and also experienced the thing of other people effortlessly landing jobs) and ended up feeling very low indeed. It took me about a year to find a proper job (but the town I live in also contributed to that) so sometimes it does take a bit longer but keep faith and you’ll be fine! Good luck! xxx

  • Joe Willcox

    Congrats on the award for the blog – very enterprising to make such a good go of that while studying. I may have an entry-level opportunity of interest to you. I’ve followed @Imdamnstudent on Twitter. Follow me back and DM if you’d like to follow up.

  • Hi Katie, don’t worry! It isn’t as bad as it initially sounds – I have spent a fair amount of my free time enjoying hanging out with friends, which is a bonus of having all uni work finished and done! I bet you will be more than fine & thank you very much 🙂

  • Ha, it is great finding other sim players! That was my worry – hence why I waited till uni was all finished! Thanks Suzy, it is great hearing from people who have been through the graduate job hunt process. It is easy to suddenly find fault when you haven’t found a job straight away yet other friends have! 🙂

  • Hi Joe, thank you very much. I really like the term enterprising to describe it, much better than procrastinating from uni work! I shall drop you a DM now!