UNI IS DONE & Desk Spaces to Inspire the Job Hunt! – #BEDM

A lot of my friends set out after University last year, full of excitement and commitment to find their first job in their chosen career path. Armed with their new degree they applied to many different jobs but after a mountain of rejections most of them have only been able to get part-time retail jobs; these are friends who came out with 2:1 and 1st’s!

It puts into prospective how hard the job market is for people at the moment, that a degree does not mean you are more qualified or in a better standpoint to get a job. For the last few months I have had this knowledge in the back of my mine but today I handed in my last piece of university work. EVER.

This means that I am technically a graduate. No longer can I push the job hunting to the side, instead I now have to face my CV and tackle the covering letters once again, because of this I have decided it is much more productive to share three beautiful desk spaces – which obviously would land me a job in no time! *Oh sarcasm!*

Do you ever think that a certain environment or place to work enables you to be more productive?