Twitter can Further your Events Career: Are you using it?

Photograph by Galymzhan Abdugalimov 
This is a re-post of an article I wrote for Events Management News in December 2013!
I was having a conversation with my friends the other day about social media. Primarily we were talking about twitter and they were commenting about how pointless it was, they were bored of all the ‘I ate this for breakfast..’ and ‘Stuck in the library #finalyearproblems’ tweets, they didn’t understand how or why its so popular or what writing 140 characters would help them achieve.
A few years ago I agreed with everything they said, I even deleted my first twitter account because I found it to be a waste of time. However back in 2011 I realised the opportunities that using social media could create and since then I haven’t really looked back.
I try to have a semi-professional presence whilst on social media, as I use twitter to communicate with potential employers, events professionals and to make people aware that I currently live in the library *because honestly who doesn’t want to know that?*
Yes I am guilty of writing mundane tweets but I have also harnessed it to help me further my career in the events industry, and here is how I did it;

1. Start by following companies who you are interested in working for.

When I was applying for placements I found that a lot of event companies tweeted about their opportunities before they were put up on their websites. I became aware of new opportunities because they re-tweeted about jobs, internships and networking events.

2. Look at who they follow and the articles they re-tweet.

You will be able to find other events companies you might not have previously heard of and other event professionals to communicate with. They could also tweet links to interesting articles that could be useful to bring up in interviews to show you are keeping up to date with the industry, it may also give you an opportunity to engage with the company/individual by discussing the topics they are tweeting about.

3. Check out #eventprofs and find other events professionals to follow and speak to.

This hashtag is used to advertise events jobs, networking events and interesting event related articles and is a fantastic place to find other people to follow.

4. Engage with other events student and events bloggers.

As an events blogger I have found it quite hard to find other people & students who blog about the events industry, but through twitter and hashtags like #bloghour, I have been able to find some fantastic bloggers who have some interesting opinions on industry news. It was through this step that I first found out about the opportunity to contribute to Events Management News and engage with other websites.
I fully understand that sometimes University work and life can become all-consuming, and that may mean you forget to check websites on a regular basis. However twitter enables you to quickly skim over articles and keep up with news in the events industry without having to go to each of the websites individually. It is a space that showcases events jobs and opportunities, it allows you to easily communicate with potential employers and meet and speak with fellow event students at other universities.

So if you want to get ahead in the events industry, have you considered using twitter to get that opportunity?

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