Things to remember about an Event Ticket – #BEDM

Whilst the saying says you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, when it comes to events the same does not apply! Events are judged by potential attendees on the marketing material, they look for value and they want the whole experience to be worth the value they paid.



A lot of events, such as concerts and theatre shows, now use online systems that ask the attendee to print out their own tickets. This is much more cost effective for organisers and works really well when individuals can show it via their phone or tablet; however it does take away a certain thrill from the experience.  
Nevertheless if you do decide to go for an actual ticket there are a few things you need to remember;
·  Make sure it is representative of the event. If charging £30 for a ticket, then please do not just print them on standard paper, invest in good quality paper or card.

·  Make sure the ticket is designed to keep in theme with other marketing material, keep the logo and design the same.

·  If you are looking to get people online and talking about the event on social media, add the hashtag on the ticket or link to the events twitter.  

·  Make sure ALL the important information is on there. When the event starts, the name of entertainment etc.

·  You need to be aware of the size of the ticket & how big the font is. This is all influenced by the amount of information you need to include on the design.
So, do you think ticket design is imporant? Does it impact your views or expectations of an event? Or fo you think printed tickets are becoming obsolete?