The best thing about being an Event Student!

I am now a fully fledged Graduate – i’ve moved out of Cheltenham, left uni, handed in all assignments and am now in the process of looking for a job!

In celebration of this moment I want to just talk about the single best benefit I have found with being an events student. TIME.

When you picked your A-Levels it was a big decision, one that needed time and was based on subjects you both loved but were also good at. Then at 17 you are told you need to make a decision about what you are going to do with you life, suddenly you had to pick a subject to study at university or decided on the career you want to pursue!

These are big life decisions and sometimes you might decide it wasn’t the best decision for you, because you will grow up and change a lot during those three years at university.

Whilst pervious talk may seem to imply that an events degree will not help land you a job, that isn’t the case, but even if it was the benefit of an events degree is having the chance to really see and learn if working in events is your dream! As an event student you are given the opportunity to really research your options, learn all about the different areas you could go and work in and figure out what you want to do.

Whilst I didn’t always enjoy university I knew how much I loved the events industry, my four years allowed me the chance to decided which area I do not want to work in – yes, I am still frantically trying to figure out where I want to work in event but at least I know I am pressuring a career in an area I love and enjoy!

If you are still unsure about pursuing an events degree or are wondering what the benefits are of the 3 or 4 years you are giving up, I would say remember that people do not normally get the opportunity to test drive the car for 3 years before buying – you are getting to test drive your career choice!

Have you enjoyed being a student? What do you think the best thing is about going to University?