SCI-FI Sunday: 2 events to visit in the UK – #BEDM

Today is obviously the perfect time to watch Star Wars on DVD. I’m planning a very lazy day in bed after attending my Summer Ball last night, considering my head is feeling slightly worse than normal I cannot think of a better trilogy of films to keep me occupied.

In celebration of this Sci-Fi Sunday, its time to highlight two Science Fiction events that might be worth visiting in the UK;

First up we have the MCM Comic Con events. These are the ‘UK’s largest and most popular Comic Con pop culture events and Memorabilia Collectors shows.’ They are held all across the UK; in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Midlands Scotland, Wales and Ireland and attract over 80,000 attendees.

It is a celebration of everything comic book and sic-fi including cult TV shows, films, art, books and video games. There is a mixture of guest speakers, signings, exhibition spaces and shopping, as well as featuring the typical cosplay people associate with these types of events. They are the closest thing in the UK to the original Comic Con International.

I have personally not attended this event before, but am looking at going to the Birmingham one in November, because who doesn’t want to experience some sic-fi adventure? The next MCM Comic Con event is in London from the 23rd –  25th of May.

The other event we have to discuss is LonCon3. This is the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention (WorldCon) and embraces all forms of science fiction from literature, films, TV, art, comics, anime and manga, and gaming. Similar in element to comic con, however the event is slightly smaller and 2014 is its first time back in London since 1965.

Just looking online, this seems to be more detailed with people going to see specific people and talk to others about everything science fiction. I think this looks like a really interesting event, especially because they have the Hugo Awards which seems to feature a lot of nominations for Doctor Who episodes as well as the brilliant Orphan Black!

This event is taking place from the 14th – 18th of August at Excel London!

Let me know if you know of or recommend any other great sic-fi events! Or if you attended either of the events above? Would be really interesting to hear a bit more about each of them!