One Simple Blogging Tip – #BEDM

If you are thinking about starting a blog then I say fantastic, I cannot tell enough people that it is a fantastic tool that will teach you so many different skills. There is not one correct way to approach writing a blog, or a sure way in gaining readers, but people always want to know about how to write a ‘successful’ blog.
Whilst this blog has won an award it doesn’t suddenly mean that it is ‘successful’ because it really depends on what you deem success to be. Some people view the numbers of the blog, such as page views and comments, as the success factors, however that doesn’t really say much about what your blog is actually doing.
I don’t write my posts to gain a certain amount of views or comments. I don’t write about a particular topic because it is popular and will gain me new bloglovin followers. Yes, seeing the number of people reading the blog increase is lovely – but the focus on here is about sharing and providing information. It is the comments and tweets from other event students and event professionals that mean the most to me; because this blog is aimed towards a certain group of people there is nothing better than seeing those people appreciate, disagree or share the posts I write.
Maybe it is because I write an events blog that is geared towards a particular industry or the fact that I have never understood why you would do something just to get something ‘free’; but I think there is only one thing you need to concentrate on.

Make sure you are writing strong content that is both relevant to what your blog is about, and something you yourself want to read.

This is how I approach writing a blog, because if you would not read your own blog then what makes you think anyone else would or should?

Are you a blogger that is concerned with numbers or is it more about writing something that people actual engage with?