National Blog Awards #UKBA14 – #BEDM

Yesterday I handed in my dissertation. After months of hard work, stressful days & tearful moments I finally managed to finish it! I am now just one assignment away from being completely done with university & becoming a graduate!

It is easy to establish that April was a stressful and busy month for me, my whole focus was on uni work and it became all consuming. I had to try and focus myself on the important academic tasks and distance myself from distractions, such as this blog. But rejoice my schedule is almost clear from essay writing and I have decided to participate is Elizabeth (aka Rosalilium’sBEDM challenge (Blog Every Day in May).

The idea is you write and publish a blog every single day throughout May, which is a pretty brilliant challenge for me as I tend to start posts and leave them lying around for a few weeks before finishing them. If you are also participating then please let me know in the comments below or via twitter, it would be great to read other people’s posts.

Last Friday it was the UK National Blog Awards ceremony over at the Grange Hotel in St Paul’s. After getting nominated and shortlisted as a finalist in both the Education and Events categories, I was excited to meet a lot of the other bloggers and to find out the results. I definitely think the best part was getting to meet in person some of the fantastic bloggers I have been speaking to via twitter.
The whole evening was an absolutely blast, I met up with Suzy (Eeep I’m a Blogger) in the hotel reception before heading down, which was great because after months of speaking on twitter it was so nice to chat and talk & I genuinely spent the whole evening thinking how incredibly nice she is! Suzy was nominated & won Highly Commended in the Lifestyle category! 🙂

Suzy & I (Credit and Source to Suzy!)

I also met, at long last, Annie (The OCD Squirrel) who I seemed to miss at the last two events we were both at! Annie was the winner of Most Innovative blog and I had a great time chatting with her and Dom (dommovies), who coincidentally was presenting the award for the events category.

I also met the lovely Katie (Scarphelia)*who’s blog I have been reading for ages & love, Beth (Beauty in Beta), Natasha (Graphique Fantastique), Charlotte (Charlotte Lenia) and Laura (Smile at Style) throughout the night! Definitely check these girls out!!

Charlotte, myself, Laura, Katie & Becki (Credit and Source to Laura)

All the blogs shortlisted in the 14 categories are of exceptional standard, and it has been nice reading blogs on a range of different topic interests! The full list of Winners & Highly Commended can be seen on the Blog Awards website 🙂

I knew that IDS didn’t deserve to win the Education category, so it is great to be able to pass my congratulations on too The Learning Spy who won best individual blog & University of Bedfordshire Digital Marketing Team who won best organisational blog. Also a big congratulations to iPads in Primary Education, Magical Maths, The Student BloggersEUROPP European Politics and Policy who were awarded highly commended. All of them are truly fantastic blogs that are so relevant to the education sector!

All the awards for the evening (Source UK Blog Awards)

With the Events category I had actually been reading a few of them for a very long time & I was convinced that there were too many great blogs within my category for IDS to get close to being the winner. HOWEVER somehow it was IDS’s name that was called out! That’s right this little blog has won the Best Individual Event Blog! To say I am shocked is an understatement but I am so very proud and I have to thank all of you guys who voted and spend time reading it 🙂

A massive congratulations to Irina from The MICE blog, Natalie from the South London BlogSternberg Clarke and Merlin Events who were all awarded highly commended, and a big congratulations to Scarlett Entertainment who won best organisational events blog! Please go and check them out!

Myself, Dom and Amy from Scarlett (Source)

Myself and Dom (Source)
I genuinely had a great night & the last few months of taking part in #BlogHour and being shortlisted have meant I have met some incredible people and bloggers! This event is only going to get better and bigger! Gemma and Becki who organised and planned the whole thing did a fantastic job, they made it a very special night & for that I want to say a massive massive THANK YOU!!!

The nominations for the 2015 Blog Awards shall be opening later this summer & I strongly recommend that all of you take part! If this blog can win that who is to say yours won’t next year??

  • Congrats on handing in your dissertation! With two degrees to my name I know full well what a huge feat that is! Now for a month of #BEDM, hoorah!

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  • Thanks Elizabeth. Man I have no idea how you managed to do two degrees, one is more than enough for me! #BEDM is such a welcomed break and relief from all the university work i’ve had to do! Thanks for setting it all up 🙂

  • suzymarie56

    Yay for finally finishing your dissertation – well done!! It was such a delight to meet you and what a fun night we had. Congratulations on your win and thanks for putting “won” before my Highly Commended haha 😉 you are too sweet. Can’t wait to meet up again next year! xx

  • I have never felt so relaxed after handing that all in! Ha, well you did win highly commended 🙂 I had a fantastic time & i’m definitely up for next year but if you ever in London before then give me a text! 🙂

  • Thanks for the mention Caitlin – it was lovely to meet you and again congrats on the win! 🙂

  • Aww thanks! Congratulations on your win as well! It was a lovely night & it was so great to meet you as well! 🙂

  • beautyinbeta

    Thanks so much for the mention and MASSIVE congrats, well and truly deserved! Fab to meet you! 🙂 xx

  • Thanks so much Beth! 🙂 It was lovely to meet you then, such a great night!!

  • Congrats to all