My Favourite Event Blog – #BEDM

Everyone has at least one blog they go back and check almost everyday, waiting to see a new post pop up. If i’m honest I have quite a few I do that with, but one of my most favourite Events related blogs is Event Manger Blog.


It was started back in 2007 by Julius Solaris, and is rightly described as the first blog for event professionals. What makes it such a great read is both the informative posts on a range of subjects, from event tech through to how to posts for event organisers, as well as the engaging way these are written.

It really isn’t much of a surprise that many event professionals read it on a regular basis. Whilst sites such as Exhibition News and Event Magazine are invaluable for industry news it is EMB that provides knowledge from other event professionals. As an events student that sort of information can be incredibly interesting and it does provide a more detailed understanding of the skills needed to be an event professional.

I actually attended a panel debate that Julius was on when I went to Confex this year, on the new rules of event innovation, which created some very interesting ideas and brought together a wide range of views. I read EMB to gain a better understand of the event tech out there for event organisers, to understand how best to incorporate these into existing companies and to just hear from industry professionals.

To help you understand why this is definitely a blog that needs to be bookmarked by all you event students and professional, here are five of my favourite posts;

What is your favourite blog? Is there a particular events blog that you think I need to check out? & do you currently read Event Manager Blog?

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