Museum & Art Galleries = Perfect Venues

Photograph from Gratisography

As you can see I took a hiatus from #BEDM whilst I went away to Scotland & then moved house; obviously because I was uber busy and not just eating lots of tablet and drinking litres of Irn-Bru whilst watching Taggart! But now with piles of boxes and bags that I need to unpack and sort through, it seems more appropriate to write a new blog post!

One of my favourite places to visit are art galleries and museums, I find them to be both inspiring and interesting. If i’m ever stressed or feeling slightly down I always try and take a trip to an art gallery or museum, with the Tate Modern or the British Museum being my favourites, because it reminds me that regardless of how difficult or pressured life may feel people have been creating incredible things and been through momentous moments all through history!

This is also why I love events that are held in these venues, because where else is filled with such history and incredible stories?

I worked as a steward at the British Museum alongside working at my placement and it was a really great job, not only because I was in the museum after closing time but also because I learnt a lot about how they set-up and run an event in a place that has a few more rules than a standard venue. As event professionals we are always needing to think of interesting places to hold events, and the great thing about museums and art galleries is that the guests leave having had a very unique experience – getting to stay and see the venue after it has been closed to the public and often getting a private view of a new exhibit!

Back in 2012 I went to the opening event of the Shakespeare: Staging the World exhibit, and with it still being one of my most popular posts it was one of the best events I have ever been too!

It might be bias, due to my love of these places anyway, but can you really think of somewhere better to host an event? I also want to know what is your favourite museum or art gallery?