Liebster Award (May 2014) – #BEDM

The lovely Joanna from Joanna-isms has very kindly nominated me for a Liebster Award, Jo is another final year event student from London who writes a really great and detailed events blog!

I shall be answering Jo’s questions before nominating two bloggers, which you can see at the end of the post.

What got you in to blogging?

I’ve mentioned before about how I first started blogging at 14, which all started because I had family and friends already writing ones. However I have continued to blog, especially on IDS, because I was unable to find anyone writing about what it was actually like to be at university and what it was like to study event management. 

How did you decide what the content of your blog was going to be?

It was a pretty easy decision for me to write specifically about the events industry and university. When I started this blog back in May 2011, it was around the end of my first year at uni after quite a tough 12 months. There isn’t many blogs that talk about the reality of studying at Uni and more specifically studying event management, it was a gap that I wanted to fill! 

Do you the characteristics of your star sign describe you?

I’m not a believer of star signs or horoscopes, but there are a few characteristics of a Virgo that are very similar to who I am! 

Do you write a post as soon as the idea comes to you?

Taking part in BEDM has meant I have had to write and publish on the same day, which has been a very interesting challenge to partake in. However usually I write a post and then give myself a good few days to edit and refine before I publish. 

Where is the strangest place you have blogged from or about?

I am quite a normal blogger, preferring to write on a laptop or computer but I have chosen to write a blog post at 3am when I was meant to be editing an essay due the following day. I’ve blogged via my phone at 8am on my way to work, at lunchtime waiting in a queue to buy lunch at EAT and multiple times whilst waiting for lectures to start at University. 

What was your favourite toy as a child?

Was and forever shall be Chuckles, my stuffed monkey! 

With so many blogs, how do you make yours stand out?

It is less about standing out for me and rather about producing content that is relevant and important to students, as well as being representative to the aim of this blog. Whilst there are some incredible events blogs out there, the number of event blogger is still quite low and therefore I don’t think there is a need to ‘stand out’ but just to keep talking about topics people want to hear about!

If you were to change the content of your blog, what would be your new topic?

I think it would be about politics, a topic I am very very interested in, even more so when paired with engagement towards young people. In fact this is a topic I have so much opinion on there are moments when it features within blog posts at the moment. 

What kind of music do you listen to?

I am a big country fan, which is my go-to type of music to listen to, along with the top charts to keep me motivate and singing along whilst attempting to get uni work done! 

Would you ever consider Vlogging?

I have considered it, but keeping on top of all Uni work and blogging is hard enough! I also think that writing a blog is about focusing on the content produced and towards what the reader wants. However vlogging would talk a lot more time, and mean I would have to wash my hair more regularly and wear other clothes instead of just PJs! 

What advice would you give to someone wishing to go in to the same industry as you?

For any event student who is looking to go into the events industry the biggest *biggest* piece of advice I could pass on is to go out and get work experience. I say this one point a lot, but that is because it is vital if you want to gain a job after graduating! Take up volunteer opportunities and look to work within events during the summer and easter breaks! I wrote a full list of all my advice to event students a few weeks ago

I am nominating to pass on this award to two EVENTS BLOGS: 

B2B – Bigger to Better – A new events blog that I found just over a week ago, some interesting post topics that are relevant towards students! 
Eventconsult – Another great event blog that I have been reading since the start of 2014, with some very useful posts directed towards event professionals! 


Why did you start blogging?

When did you first get into the Events Industry?
What is you favourite type of post to write & why?
What do you feel has been your biggest achievement in life so far?
If you could speak to your past self, what would you say?
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Who Inspires you the most?
What is the one goal you are working towards?
If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be?
Whats your favourite event you have ever been too?
What is your dream event to plan and organise? 

Let me know if you have taken part in the Liebster awards before!