Last Week of May – UPDATE

Photograph by Sonja Langford

I’m currently in the process of searching for and applying for jobs – anyone want to employee a highly motivative events graduate who can blog like no-one is watching? Oh I kid

*but seriously I am looking for a job!* 

Due to the bank holiday weekend it has been quite a relaxed week, except I am way behind on work and have many emails to reply too, moving and trying to readjust and unpack has taken way longer than I first thought!

There are some exciting things happening with the blog, keep your eyes peeled on twitter & the new Facebook page! I am also currently in the very very early stages of looking at moving to a different platform and having a full re-design – part of this is because of the increase and development of the blog in the last few months but also because I am aware that my priorities and the direction of this blog have changed and developed.

The Main Goals:

I was this blog to be easier to navigate, with areas dedicated to posts directed towards you, the students, the job hunt and my own personal experiences. I currently don’t feel it is easy to find past posts & the layout of blogger means the design is quite cluttered.

To create a better identity. Before winning the National Blog Award & the blogs appearance in some local papers I was contemplating changing the name as I won’t be/am not a student for much longer, however DO NOT FEAR that is not going to happen. I know want to make sure the identity is coherent across all media platforms and actually represents both event students and event graduates!

Have some personality and look cooler! *not really sure if that can be an actual goal!  

If you can recommend anyone who is great a web-design or moving across to a new platform etc then please could you pass on their details to me via the comments, twitter or email (

And just in case you happen to work for an events company, maybe have a job opening or fancy a nose at my previous work history – i’m on both Linkedin and!