Is it possible to love your Job? – #BEDM


I am now at a point where I am able to make any type of decision about what it is I want to do with my future. Previously every ‘big’ moment had still involved the anchor of education, but now I am leaving that behind. I have to start thinking about the long term goals, answering the ‘what do I want to do’ question.

Knowing what you want to do is not an easy thing to figure out, and it does take time and patience. I am lucky in the sense that I know the industry I want to work in, but that doesn’t narrow down the type of events or areas I could go into.

This #BEDM discussion about people’s passion and career prospects, brought to mind a post I wrote back in June 2012 about if you have to love the job you do.

Alexandra Jones spoke about how ‘earning a living isn’t supposed to replace actually living’, and at the time I really agreed with that statement because I didn’t know how you create that work life balance. However now I do think you are able to find a job that you absolutely love. I’m not saying that the day-to-day elements are going to be amazing and excited every day, nor am I saying the job won’t be at times stressful and repetitive. I’m saying you are able to enjoy the job you do and love the industry you in, the experiences you have and the people you work with.

Now this could all be because I currently have a very positive outlook on the world of work as I am just about to graduate, but it would be interesting to hear if you think you can love what you do!