IDS in the paper! – #BEDM

Gloucestershire Echo – 9th May 2014

Today this blog and my mug were featured in the local paper – the Gloucestershire Echo.

I tweeted on Wednesday about how I had spent the morning doing a phone interview and having my picture taken at my Uni. Well this morning I was the loon buying multiple copies of the same newspaper, good thing they each came with a free small can of ting today! Bonus!

In all seriousness it was lovely being asked to talk to the paper and I had fun having my picture taken by Michael. I cannot help but get sentimental at the moment, due to my imminent status as a university graduate, but it is exceptionally nice being recognised for something I have put a lot of time and effort into.

Since winning the blog awards 2 weeks ago, some exciting opportunities have come forward and it has made me very excited for the future of this blog and my own personal career! I am so grateful to Gemma and Becki for creating and running the awards, having a set-up that recognises a range of different blog topics has been fantastic in bringing together different bloggers.

So If you are thinking of starting a blog and are unsure about what you want to write about, I would say without a shadow of doubt – do it on something you are passionate and interested in!

If you found this blog via the Gloucestershire Echo, then Hello! You can find more about myself and this blog over here, and you can find four of my favourite posts linked in yesterday’s post.

Have any of you featured in your local paper before?  

  • Congratulations on being featured in the paper as well as your award!

  • Thank you very much Elizabeth! It was a very interesting experience 🙂