Eurovision 2014 – #BEDM

Andres Putting (Eurovision / EBU) source

The reason today’s BEDM post is a little late is all down to the musical event that is Eurovision! I adore this event and watch it each year, and tonight was no exception! 
Whilst I am a lover of cheesy music and mainly spend the whole evening making comments, this year was actually pretty good! I loved Conchita Wurst, and man did she rise like a Phoenix!! The Netherlands and Norway were my favourite but as per usual I was disappointed to see the UK lacking in points! 
However the man reasons I feel Eurovision should be the topic of todays post is all down to the fantastic staging and running of the event tonight! 
Whilst it looked like an incredibly normal stage, Copenhagen knocked it out the park with the lighting design and incredibly smooth transition to each new act! It was one of the most thoroughly though out designs that allowed each act to add their own unique elements to the night! 
Congratulations to the team who designed that, hats off to you! 
Now in case you thought I was capable of not commenting on Russia, I do apologise because i’m not! However I think the following tweets sum up my view on Russia pretty well!

Political vote! No one wants to be on the bad side of Russia!
— Caitlin Kobrak (@blogbykobrak) May 10, 2014
No one even wanted you at the party Russia. #Eurovision
— Liam Beattie (@Liam_Beattie) May 10, 2014
I think I’ve made it clear I am not a fan of Putin! #Eurovision2014
— Caitlin Kobrak (@blogbykobrak) May 10, 2014

Did you guys watch #Eurovision2014? What did you think?