TECH TALK – Sunday Link-Up #10

After last week’s slightly different Sunday Link-Up today we come back to the standard set-up. The focus of today’s post being technology, because who doesn’t enjoy reading about tech on a Sunday?
Nokia Plans to Use Cheap Phones to Create Lumia Fans by Pete Pachal (Mashable) – I am a Nokia Lumia phone user & apart from not being able to have the ‘official’ instagram & snapchat apps, it is a really great phone. Did you know you can use the touch screen with gloves?? Yep that right, actual GLOVES! I really like the idea of bringing back affordable phones but that still feature the tech we have all become accustomed with!
Apple’s 30th Anniversary Ad was Shot Entirely on an iPhone by Maycie Thornton (Buzzfeed) – I may be a Nokia phone user but I’m a Mac user whole heartedly, & Apple have not disappointed with this fantastic video. **Even though I am much more impressed with the behind scenes element because I love to see how things are created.
Technology has created a flat earth where we can particpate as equals by Neal Lawson & Uffe Elbaek (The Guardian) – This was a very interesting article, that is just a extract from this, which takes a look at the world in a slightly different light with the use of tech. This is something I will be keeping a very keen eye on in the future, as it is a very interesting topic and different look at how technology has changed the world.  

Getty makes 35 million photos free to use by BBC News – This is a very interesting move & one that I think shows how difficult online ‘policing’ is and the changes to how information is shared. There is a part of me that agrees with the move Getty has made but I also fully understand why photographers are angry as it could lead to a loss of income for them. Definitely worth a read! 

Digital Detox by Kat Williams (RockNRollBride) – Talking about technology would be impossible without posting one link about taking time out. I am very guilty of never turning off and am always checking sites such as twitter and Facebook regularly through the day but every summer I try to simmer it down to a much more sensible amount. Do you believe in the digital detox?