Mitt documentary: Review

If you have read my blog for a while that you know that i’m fascinated with politics. I especially find American politics to be the most entertaining, because it has been made in to such a big event. They have numerous television debates, many candidates running and rather than how we do it in the UK, you don’t vote for a party but for the person.

Now I have watched a few political documentaries on Netflix’s before but when I heard about the original documentary about Mitt Romney I knew it was something I had to see. I am fascinated with the behind the scenes elements of politics and love shows such as The West Wing, House of Cards & The Thick of It, so I was excited to see how a family deals with running for the Presidency.

Now I have always associated myself more with the beliefs of the Democrats & i’m a big supporter of Obama so I was interested in learning more about Mitt Romney’s opinions and beliefs as well as seeing how a family works together to get through a campaign.

Sadly I felt the documentary Mitt was lacking certain elements such as how much pressure it puts on the whole family, seeing how much time is spent on the road and really how you juggle the high levels of scrutiny from the general public. Considering Greg had access for 6 years I didn’t feel I got to know the whole Romney family nor did I feel like I learnt anything new about Mitt, I would have loved to have seen more of the behind the scenes elements of all the travel and debate prep along with a better understand of how all of Mitt’s Sons felt about him running!

The idea behind the documentary was brilliant & I do think it is interesting and worth a watch but I was left disappointed about the expectations I had going in and what was given to me. A lot of reviews say similar things such as Blake Zeff & John Dickerson’s articles, but then Brett Logiouato says he found some positive elements to the film.

I would love to know you opinions if you have you watched the documentary, feel free to leave comments below or send me a tweet.