International Women’s Day 2014

Saturday the 8th March was International Women’s Day. A date I whole heartedly support.

IWD is a day to celebrate the achievements Women have made internationally (so far) and to continue to inspire change and development around the world.

Now in the UK it may seem like Women are pretty much equal to Men. Because lets face it we are able to vote, go to university, choose to have an abortion, take loans and mortgages out by ourselves etc, however we still face some issues such as equal pay & sexism. The biggest issue is on the international scale where much more needs to be achieved.

The idea behind International Women’s Day is about making sure women EVERYWHERE are equal to Men. There are countries where violence against women is normal, accepted & understood and that is not right.

Women’s Day is about teaching and inspiring. It is about raising awareness and creating discussion on a topic some people say has already been achieved – because they don’t see the struggles other women are going through in other countries.

I hope that you have supported International Women’s Day & you can catch up on the tweets by looking at #IWD or #womensday hashtags.

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