Final Year: something to help motivate.

I now have just under 2 months until I finish my time at University & it is easily one of the hardest and more stressful points I have ever experienced in the last four years, a combination of a lot of work and the worry of where I will go after graduation.

I know that a lot of final year students are feeling quite snowed under with work, as well as placing a large amount of pressure onto themselves, because with such little time left we want to achieve that top grade, & this can lead to a massive lack of motivation.

Whilst I spend another Friday and weekend in the library tackling this mountain of work, I think it is only right to share one of my favourite TED talks by Sheryl Sandberg, some inspiring words to push you forward and gain back that motivation!  
For all soon-to-be or current graduates Sheryl’s book Lean In has been updated specifically for graduates and comes out in the UK this April. I am very excited to read this version and the stories inside, especially as one my favourite youtuber Rosianna has been published in this version. 

What inspires you when you start to lack motivation? Who has given your favourite TED talk?