Blogs and social media: Do you need to stick to the ‘rules’?

Social media is something I love and you can see to the right I use quite a few different sites. It is described as an important tool to use for both businesses and bloggers, with a top tip being to use you business/blog name on all your social media presence. 

But the thing is I haven’t done that. The name I use on twitter, Instagram etc is different from this blog.

On my about me page you can see when I got started into blogging & it is a story I have shared countless times in person, I was 14 and I created a blog with the exciting & original name ‘Blog by Kobrak’. When I joined twitter it made a lot of sense to carry on using the same name and when I moved my full attention over to IDS & stopped publishing on my old blog I decided to keep blogbykobrak as my twitter handle because I had some *10* followers & I really wanted to keep them.

So last year when I finally got round to getting Instagram, even though I could pick any name, I realised it would be beneficial to use my twitter name so that they link back to each other. Making blogbykobrak my social media presence – luckily it isn’t the most ridiculous name & it is still relevant as I have continued to blog and my surname is still Kobrak.

However sometimes I do think it would be more seamless to have the same name on my social media accounts as I have on my blog, but then we get onto the topic of this blog’s name ‘I’m a Damn Student, What Do I Know?

I was 18 when I started writing on here, I was just finishing my first year at Uni & at the time I was just a ‘damn’ student. When I came up with the name I had been reading and hearing about how ‘out of control’ students were with the ‘violence’ of the 2010 NUS protest, and it has continued with the lad culture & neknominations that have been reported in the last few months. Those articles have very much focused on the idea that students are immature & don’t know much and with this in mind I decided to play on the term as I don’t agree with the generalisation that all students are like this & so I picked the name ‘I’m a Damn Student, What Do I Know?

But now i’m at a crossroads; instead of being 18 I am now 21, i’ve been at university for 4 years, i’ve gained a lot of experience working in the industry, I don’t believe the title of my blog plus I am about to graduate in 3 months.

This means I will no longer be a student, so does this discredit the name of this blog? 

The other issue we have is that the url for this blog is, it is again different from the blog name IDS and it also features the term Student. There was a reason for this, as I didn’t get the url for the blog till a few years after starting in 2011, and I wanted the link to be more professional and explain what this blog is about as well as focusing the blog to the target audience of event students.

I write this blog with the main focus of event students, becuase this is where I saw the gap when I started in 2011 – there were no bloggers writing about what is like to be studying an events degree. I also write this blog with future event students in mind along with graduates because these are all areas I have knowledge in or am heading towards. I know that this blog will continue to grow and develop just as I shall develop and grow within my career & that may involve changes in the type of posts that go up along with who it is directed at.

But my question is; do you think it matters if your blog name doesn’t match your social media or if the name of your blog doesn’t totally represent who ‘you’ are but more about the content you produce?