Blog Update & I need your help.


If you are also currently battling through your final year then you will know about how busy and stressful it is – some people have already completed and handed in their dissertation and final assignments – congratulations if you are one of those lucky students, but sadly I am not one of them!

I have just over 1 month left until I am completely finished my degree. Just 1 month till I will have handed in my last three assignments!
What this means is that currently my main focus is on finishing these essays, so that I can actually get the degree I’ve been working for over the last four years. You may have seen the less active twitter and the lack of Sunday posts over the last two weeks, which is why I have decided to only post 1 blog post a week for the next month (5 weeks). Instead of a Tuesday, Friday and Sunday post the new content will go up on a Wednesday, and then in May we shall get back to the more regular posting!

But this is where you guys come in, I need your help.

I want to know what type of posts you would prefer and it would mean a lot if you could fill out the survey below or let me know in the comments any suggestions you would love to see on this blog in the next few months.



*If the box doesn’t work you can take part in the survey by clicking HERE

Thank so much guys 🙂