#9 Sunday Link-Up: ‘Unique’ Venues

Today we have a different style to the normal Link-Up, as I wanted to share an element of my University course with you all. Because before this final year I didn’t know that contemporary communications, such as social media and blogging, was valued by event academics or university courses.
Turns out it actually is!
I have spent the first haft of this term putting together a group blog post on an ‘events issue’ of our choice – ours is all to do with #uniquevenues. The idea is that we use social media (modern communication tools) to gain as much engagement as possible with our blog post in the comments, because we want to hear if people agree with our view that ‘there is NO such thing as a ‘unique’ venue’.

I’ve said it countless times before when talking about my love of blogging, but the reason why I write IDS  is because I want to share my knowledge with others. I’m not saying that I an expert in the events industry, far from it, but I do have extensive knowledge of what it is like to be an events management students at university trying to get her foot into the events industry.

Although I know not everyone will find this blog useful & that the topic falls into a very niche area in comparison to other blogs, I still write it because I hope that some of the information put out on here will help at least one person.

And that is the whole point of writing our blog post on Eventure (University of Gloucestershire’s Events Management Blog) – to share our opinions on certain issues.

I would love for you to go over & read the blog post and join in the discussion in the comments. We’ve been replying back to everyone’s views and there are also some very interesting topics being discussion in the other posts.

And you can follow my group’s twitter & our Uni’s twitter to keep up to date with the whole process!