The Eventice Experience – Part Two:

Last Tuesday’s post was a summary of my experience at the Eventice 2014, however due to the amount of things that happened, the original posts was way too long for any sane person to read – hence why it has been split into two. 

In case you are not aware the Eventice is a competition for final year event management students from all across the UK. It took place on the 10th to the 12th February at the Event Production Show, and it is very much like the Apprentice with contestants taking part in a series of tasks. 

However before we jump head first into the whole experience I thought I would share some of the preparation aspects I did. 
After the shock wore off of finding out I had made it to the final 15, I had a slight panic about what I was expected to bring. So I took the same approach to how I prepare when creating Event Kit Boxes.

The Eventice 2014 Kit: What I took in my bag. 

1. Laptop: We needed this for a variety of tasks & it helped in preparing for the final presentations whilst in the hotel and at the Production Show. 
2. Keys: An obvious one but it was great in making sure I wasn’t locked out the hotel room!
3. Business Cards: A secondary thought of mine, but luckily I had some old business cards left over that I could use. I would strongly recommend, if you don’t already have any, getting some made up for the event as they are really useful to hand out! 
4. Memory Stick: Very important for the final day presentations and the tasks! 
5. Diary/notebook & Pen: You will need something to write down all the information for each of the tasks. 
6. iPad  This was useful in some of the smaller tasks because it didn’t take as long to load as my laptop, also could act as a replacement to paper but remember to charge it up every night! 
7. Snacks: They are very intense days & you might not get to eat food till quite late so having a few snacks on you is always a good idea.
8. Umbrella: We went outdoors.. in the rain! 
9. Beauty Bag: Deodorant, Hand Sanitiser, lip products etc: All the essentials that you know you will need to keep yourself presentable throughout the day, it is a 3 day interview. 
10. Wallet: Another obvious one
11. Mints: Never chew gum! 
12. Hairbrush: The best idea I had, perfect when I was caught in the rain & after a long day of tasks! 

3 DAY INTERVIEW: What to wear? 

I don’t usually approach the topic of fashion in this blog, but I do know how difficult it can be to find interview outfits. The obvious issue in preparing for the Eventice was the fact we had no idea what the three days would involve, which makes deciding on the 3 days of clothing quite difficult. However I thought it might be an idea to share a few tips that I picked up over the three days!

My Tips:

  • Dress to impress i.e. smart clothes are a must, show that you know how to dress for client meetings.
  • Wear shoes that you have worn in, are comfortable & of course are smart. I wore my trusted black Clark brogues for the three days but if you know you can wear heels then feel free! 
  • Have more than one blazer, not to be gross but you will sweat! 
  • Day two was the most intense day of tasks so I went with the outfit that involved the least amount of hassle and was extreamly comfortable. 
  • Take a change of clothes for the evening after you are done with the competition – nothing better than putting on some jeans after 12 hours in a smart outfit!  
  • If buying new clothes try places like Primark & New Look first. My outfits from day one & two are from Primark and only cost me about £25, which is the same price as the black skirt for the final day cost!

Breakdown of the TASKS!

Task 1: Wine making & branding at LDNCRU

We were split into two teams & given around 2 hours to doing the following 5 things before presenting in front of GPJ, Blue Hat, Liz & team at ESP, LdnCru & the other team. 

  • Blending the wine
  • Researching sale prices
  • Create a presentation
  • Design the logo and bottle 
  • Film and edit a 1 minute video

Task 2: Create Experimental Marketing Viral Video for LDNCRU

We were put into teams of 3 & were given 1 hour to create a viral video idea for LdnCru to market their venue space and prepare a quick 2 minute pitch to do in front of everyone on the Big Event Company stand. However the pitch didn’t happen till after Task 3. 
Task 3: Buying Task

**For this task I was team leader & crazily our team won!** 
We were split into teams of 5 we were given a long list of items to that we had to go out and collect, the challenge being we only had 2 and half hours and a budget of £25, also you couldn’t split as a team for more than half an hour.
The items included;
  • Item with a recommended retail price of £25
  • Something with a picture of a Queen on *Not a stamp or money*
  • Item that save time
  • Item that money cannot buy
  • Empty bottle of gin 
  • Item about Borneo 
  • London Souvenir 
  • 3 maps of London 
  • etc 
Task 4: Survey Filling 

We were split into pairs & had 45 minutes to get as many surveys filled in whilst at the Event Production Show. I love talking to people so this task was quite easy but I do tend to talk a bit longer that is necessary – Richard & I  came away with 11 surveys.  
Task 5: Dinosaur Jockey 

This was my favourite task of the whole event! 
We were split into three teams of 5 & had to build a wooden dinosaur in the quickest time and get one person to be the Jockey on top. This is an actual team building task that Blue Hat use & even though we had picture instructions all 3 teams struggled with placing the legs. We were all but 1 second behind the winning team – which I think was down to me struggling to climb up onto the Dinosaur *being 5’1 has its drawbacks!*
Final Task – 6: Treasure Hunt & Presentation

We were placed into teams of 3 & the idea of this task was to create a 3 minute pitch for an original team rewards event, with a daytime & evening element. 
To start we had to take part in a treasure hunt style task where we had to find the particular suppliers at the show and pick 2 (on a first come first serve basis) to be involved in the event we were pitching later on. It was also first come first serve on who your client was as well. 
Once we had this information we had to create an original idea that fitted in with the companies ethos and was practical. The most important element was the final 3 minute pitch which was done in front of all the guys from GPJ, Blue Hat, ESP & the additional guys who had been following us around for the day as well as all the other teams! 
Interviews & Presentation:
For the 5 of us who got through to the final – we had 2 interviews with GPJ & Blue Hat on the Wednesday morning before our 10 minute presentations at 2.15. These presentation were done in the production theatre & were open to be watched by anyone who wanted to come including GPJ, Blue Hat, ESP & the rest of the Eventice guys! 
The build up to the presentations was when I got the most nervous because we had a lot of free time beforehand, which was when my mind was going into overdraft. The strange thing is that I felt more confident with the presentations on the second day because there was little time to think about it. 
So there you have it, a complete summary of The Eventice 2014. I am pretty surprised about how much there was to talk about but – as I said in the last post – this really is a fantastic opportunity to all final year events students and I highly recommend it to everyone! 
You can read all the previous Eventice posts & if you have any more questions about the experience of are think about going for it yourself then please feel free to comment below, tweet me or email me: