The Eventice Experience 2014 – Part One:

I like to think that most of you will know what the Eventice is all about, but in case you were not spammed by my twitter account or haven’t read this post from January, the Eventice is a competition for final year event management students from all across the UK. It took place last week from the 10th to the 12th February at the Event Production Show, and yes the Eventice takes it’s inspiration from the show The Apprentice & we did take part in a series of tasks including one involving wine making.

Now I would be lying if I said that I haven’t been talking about the whole process non-stop since it finished last Wednesday; but surprising when I started writing this post up it still was way too long, which is why there will be another post next Tuesday all about the tasks we took part in.

First things first; Not only has taking part in the Eventice allowed me to meet 14 incredible guys -who will go far in the events industry – but it taught me a lot more about how to network, pitch and least surprising – how to work more successfully in a team!

Over the course of the Monday & Tuesday we took part in a variety of different tasks before it was announced on stage at the Event Production Awards who of the final 15 had made it through to the final day. I somehow made it through to the final 5 & even though I didn’t win one of the jobs I still had an incredible experience.  The other 4 girls in the final were absolutly brilliant, and Holly, Charlotte & Elena will be fantastic at GPJ & Blue Hat!

Final 5: Olivia, Me, Elena, Charlotte & Holly

I think the thing that puts off a lot of students is that none of us want to fail & when I was applying this was something I was pretty nervous about but as Elena said in her post what is the worst that could happen? Unless you give it a try you won’t ever know, I didn’t think I would get anywhere near the final day but I somehow did!

The thing to remember is that even though the idea of the Eventice is about the two graduate jobs, most people had actually completed their application before the second job was announced – which made this competition more for me, about the networking and challenging myself with situations I wouldn’t normally experience.

Of course I was disappointed not to get a job, I think there would be something wrong with me if I wasn’t, but I have come away from the Eventice with a better idea of my skills and knowledge of the areas I can improve on. I used to think I was terrible at presenting, but that was something I was praised on by the guys at GPJ & Blue Hat!

Another thing about taking part is that I was able to meet some pretty influential people in the Events Industry, not only did the actual Glenn Bowdin make an appearance on the final day & watch our presentations! But Kevin Jackson was the one who was interviewing for George P Johnson. Yes, that is the same Kevin Jackson who was number 1 for Event Magazine’s Event 100 Club for 2013!

These are people who I would never have had the chance to meet if I hadn’t taken part in this experience, which is why I cannot recommend enough that all final year event management students should take part in The Eventice! 

It is hard to fully put into words why I had such a great time, and even when I have tried it has turned into a full blown essay. My friends have got slightly bored on me repeating everything I did and using the phrase ‘It was genuinely the best thing I have ever done!‘, but if any of you have any questions about the Eventice feel free to drop me an email – – or read the three posts below & remember to check back next week for a breakdown of all the tasks!

Elena also put a post up this week about The Eventice 2014, Jo Vanquish wrote a post last December about her experience during the 2012 competition & the GPJ Blog has some fantastic posts all about the competition including their Top Ten Eventice Tips!

If you are going to be heading into your final year in September I would really recommend looking into taking part in this experience! 

  • Congratulations on getting through to the final 5, that’s amazing! Getting the opportunity to meet influencers is great, the Eventice definitely sounds like something worth applying for.

  • That you very much Ali 🙂

  • What a great opportunity and you did amazingly well!! Definitely some experience to put on your CV 🙂

    Oh Hey Kayspray! x