Do you tell people about your blog?

I started blogging when I was 14, back in 2007, as I had friends at school who were doing the same & because at the time I wanted to be a photographer, it felt it was a good way to showcase my work!

Although it isn’t the first thing I tell people when I meet them, writing my blog is something I am very proud of. I think part of it is because even though I have had a few month long gaps here and there along the seven year ride, I have managed to keep my blogs updated and produce content that I am happy to have my name next too. As many of you will know at the start of February, I found out that this blog has been very successful in the National Blog Awards as we are nominated in TWO categories, Events & Education. And the thing is if I hadn’t been happy to share this space with family, friends & the wonderful people of the internet then I wouldn’t have gotten very far with the public votes.

It might be because this blog is so very relevant to the line of work I hope to go into that I have no qualms about telling people about it. I link to it at the bottom of my email signature, it is written as a job on my linkedin profile & I have added it to my CV. I am also contemplating getting new business cards for when I graduate that will have this blog linked & I will continue to tweet all about IDS and google+ the hell out of the posts I write!

I was reading Caitlyn’s post about when she found out that her Boss read her blog & it really made me think more about this topic of sharing what you write. I had seen on a few twitter chats that some bloggers haven’t told friends or family about their blog & as much as I am all for people making their own decisions I can’t fully understand why you wouldn’t tell people about it – if only for the reason it will make it less awkward for when they tell you their read it.

I know that when I apply for jobs this blog will come up, because you only have to type my name in google to get this & my twitter as the top two entries – therefore it makes sense for me to embrase this, and since I am an advocate for people writing blogs as I feel it is a great way to share information & to inform people on certain issues so that they can make a more refined decision informed by a wider range of opinions.

My question is are you happy to tell people about your blog? Friends, Family, strangers? Personally I don’t know where writing this blog with lead, it may just aways be a small space where I write about my opinions but it has already led to me being a contributor to Event Management News & my nomination and recent shortlisting in the National Blog Awards.

If you are proud of what you are doing & are happy to publish your writing onto the world wide web where strangers might fall upon it then you really have nothing to lose by telling people. It will help make awkward situations less awkward when they tell you they read your blog.

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  • I think this is a really interesting topic! I started a ‘secret’ blog once but it only lasted about two weeks because I was just shouting into the void haha. Telling people is a great way to grow your blog and I also think that my blog is so representative of my own personality that most people wouldn’t be surprised at what they were reading! Like you, I’d have never been shortlisted for the Blog Awards if nobody knew about it!

  • i’m not sure on telling people blogs etc etc i was always really paranoid about it and then people from college started finding out about it and then people from work- but now it’s cool, like you said about getting shortlisted for blog awards and things- it’s such a wicked achievement! xx

  • I haven’t been blogging for very long, and I aimed that nobody I knew would find out but it didn’t last long. I was put into a similar situation to Caitlyn’s, my boss found my blog (which has posts about my experiences at work) when she called me and asked about it, I had a nervous breakdown trying to remember if I had insulted the company in any way but thank god I hadn’t! She actually loved it, and it opened my eyes to the transparency of the internet. I think what I’m trying to say is, there no point in trying to hide it because whether its on Facebook, twitter or google your friends will find it somehow 🙂

  • I did the same thing of keeping it ‘secret’ when I started this blog, because at the time I thought I wanted it to be a more career orientated blog but I soon realised that my friends where actually interested to read about what I was doing! It is an interesting topic to hear people’s opinions!

  • Thanks Ellie, do you think now you are glad that people know about your blog? I was paranoid until I realised that it doesn’t effect my friends & actually they don’t care much or just think it is cool!

  • It is a really nervous moment when people you work for find out about it & I have had to be careful in the past to either only talk about the positives of work experience or try to express the problems in a way that isn’t detrimental to my working relationship!

    It is very true unless you use an alias name people will find your blog! Thanks for sharing Katie 🙂