Bite The Ballot: Why Young People Should Vote!

Bite the Ballot is an organisation I have a lot of admiration and respect for because they are addressing a problem that others seem to have just left to the side. They are a non for profit organisation that empowers an encourages young people to vote and have their opinions counted within UK Politics.

“Our core values when engaging those furthest away from politics is to be unconventional, inclusive and bold. Three words you may not associate with today’s politics.” 

They are very similar to Rock the Vote over in the United States & it is organisations like this that make me excited about the future, the ones who are changing society and making a difference to how politics engages with the younger generations.

I have mentioned countless times on this blog my fascination with UK Government & Politics and it is no secret that I have a longterm ambition to use events to engage with young people, so when I saw that Michael Sani, the Managing Director of BtB, had created a video asking people to share their answers to three simple questions, I obviously had to get involved.

What don’t you like about politics?

The simple fact that Politics is not inclusive of everyone, that the terminology alienates people & that things are not explained in simple terms to the masses.

Even as someone who votes, who engages with Politics on a regular basis & who studied it at A-Level for two years I am none the wiser on what actually happens, I feel as a student and as a young adult that my opinions are not even considered. And if I feel that imagine how people who have been disinterested and discarded by government their whole lives feel!! 

What would you change?

The way politics engages with young people. The way government engages with young people. I would make it more understandable by showing how it effects every aspects of peoples lives & make the terminology understandable. 

Why should people register to vote?

If you don’t vote you have no say in what happens and that means if you disagree with a policy you have no leg to stand on because you didn’t use your vote in the first place, & as Bite the Ballot said “If you don’t do politics, politics will do you.

I would love to know your opinions of these three questions so please let me know in the comments your answers. This is a time for people to share their views so remember to google+ +Bite The Ballot, Tweet them & subscribe to their YouTube channel.

  • I think you’re right, politics isn’t easy enough to understand and I also think there’s a lot of pressure not to get it wrong. Like, if you get it wrong you’ll be totally ridiculed and stuff. It’s closeness to economics also puts me off because I don’t understand much of that haha!

  • That is a really great point about the pressure of not getting it wrong, and something I had totally forgotten! The thing is politics is involved in so many different areas that it can be a lot to try and understand, and like you point out that can put people off! Lets hope things start to change!


  • I do International Relations at university which involves quite a bit of politics. Even now I’m still not sure I understand as much as I should. To make the political system more democratic, it definitely needs to be more accessible.. I am also being European Studies and don’t know who is running to be the European Commission President. If I don’t know that, it’s unlikely many others will understand the EP elections we are voting for in May!!
    Thanks for continuing to be a part of the Student Link-Up 🙂 Hope to see another one of your posts up tomorrow x

    Oh Hey Kayspray!