#8 Sunday Link-Up: Mash Up

This Sunday I have picked the four most interesting articles and blog posts that I have read this week. I always seem to lean to at least one post that is more thought provoking than the others. Enjoy & I hope you have a great Sunday!

Did my parent choose my name to be Ironic? by Karina Lang (I am visually impaired & this is my life) – This is a post from one of my best friends at Uni. She decided that she needs a place to share the hilarious situations she ends up in and her first post of the blog is pretty funny. She has Albinism which means she has pretty poor eyesight, which in turn makes for some very interesting stories! Definitely worth a read!

I Can’t Tell You What To Learn In Your 20s by Lizz Schumer (Thought Catalog) – I always end up reading posts on what you should do in your 20’s, & I think this is all because of my imminent graduation. However Lizz writes a great post in which she emphasises that her path may not work for others!

The blatant sexual harassment scarring our university students by Laura Bates (The Guardian) – I find it shocking the stories i’ve read on this topic & I really believe that something needs to change. If you have not heard about the ‘Lad Culture’ at Universities then please give this link a read!

Intelligence Is Not Just a Number by Katie Oldham (SCARPHELIA) This is a fantastic post by Katie, in fact pretty much all her posts are this great! For anyone who struggles with school work or university grades remember, that isn’t what defines you!

& remember to check out Wednesday’s post about The Eventice experience & Friday’s post asking do you tell people about your blog?