#7 Sunday Link-Up: Mix it up!

Hello you wonderful readers, it has been a pretty intense week for me, post all about that on Tuesday, but i’m now back at University trying to get back into the dissertation frame of mind.

I felt that today’s post should a mix of useful and interesting articles that I have read over the last few weeks, something not too challenging to enjoy this afternoon!

10 TV shows we need to see by The Finer Things Club (FTC) – I love finding new TV shows to watch and it is always nice to hear recommendations from other people. Bee and Luke have a fantastic blog running here where they talk a lot about films and tv shows to watch & this post introduced me to some great new series to occupy my time!
How to Write your About Me Page by Rachel MacDonald (In Spaces Between) – As I have been putting a lot more focus into my blog it has been really interesting reading about ways to improve particular areas. I am not a massive fan of my about me page & i’ve currently got the blog info and myself split. I am planning in the next few weeks to take some hints and tips from Rachel’s post! 
Balancing University and your Blog by Bethany Worrall (bethanyworrall) – I’ve been talking to a lot of student bloggers recently & it is difficult to juggle Uni work alongside blogging especially if you are investing time and effort into your blog. Bethany has some good things to remember!
How Do I Teach My Daughter to Love her Body? by Brittany Gibbons (Huffington Post) – I read this article back at the start of January and it is just so wonderful. We should be celebrating what women have to offer with their talents not concerned with how they look!