#6 Sunday Link-Up: Lets get political

It seems that this weeks link-up has strayed onto political topics, so it seems that is what this Sunday’s theme is: DOING THINGS TO CHANGE THINGS. 
Google wades into Sochi gay rights row by Rob Williams (Independent) – I like google but I love how they made their point! 
Channel 4 rebrands to back gay rights by Mark Sweney (The Guardian) – They have simply done what everyone should be doing, Channel 4 have a history of being controversial & I for one think it is fantastic! 
Listen Up: I’m Voting are You? by Rebecca (Beckie0) – If you read Friday’s post then you know I am very much supporting getting young people engaged with UK politics. When BtB made their YouTube video they tagged a 3 people & one of them was Rebecca who made a really fantastic video response, definitely worth a watch! *Plus she has tagged one of my favourites Rosianna!* 
Why we are on Strike by Bob Crow (Huffington Post) – As I have been back at Uni I missed the Tube Strike last week, I saw the pictures & although it seems like it was causing a lot of issues for commuters I fully support what RMT are doing. The strike happened because someone thinks closing all ticket offices would be a good idea, making the Underground more ‘modern’ – I would say making is less safe. Bob writes a very good article explaining why the Strikes have had to happen.