#5 Sunday Link-Up: Super Bowl Sunday

As today is Super Bowl Sunday it felt only right to share a few interesting pieces on how social media has influenced this sporting occasion. Along with some pieces which should help, if like me, you are a total American Football novice.

The Super Bowl Cheat Sheet by Buzzfeed – By far the best thing to read if you have a Super Bowl party to attend tonight & want to try and sound like you know what is going on!

What the Super Bowl Looks Like to a Foreigner by Chris Taylor (Mashable) – As a Brit, there is a part of me that does find the whole ‘event’ slightly strange but Chris’s article is really great at putting in to words how the Super Bowl looks to everyone outside of the United States.

How YouTube changed the Super Bowl commercial forever by Scott Meslow (This Week) – A brilliant article that really shows how the adverts have changed since social media.

61% of Super Bowl Viewers will Share Ads on Social Media by Rebecca Hiscott (Mashable) – This is just staggering at the amount of people who shall be using social media whilst the event is taking place!

Are any of you heading to a Super Bowl party today? 

I shall be tweeting all through the event over on @blogbykobrak – so give us a follow if you want to keep up to date on how bad I fail at pretending to understand American Football!