The Eventice 2014

This past week has been pretty exciting for me, partially down to finally starting to get my voice back and almost being over the cold and illness that hit me just after Christmas, but mostly down to the fact that I have gotten through to the Final 15 for The Eventice 2014

Now i’ve tweeted a lot about the Eventice over the last few weeks but I haven’t mentioned it on the blog before. The Eventice is a competition for final year Event Management Students who compete for two graduate jobs, it is similar to the Apprentice, as us finalists will be taking part in a series of tasks across the 10th and 11th of February before they decided on the final 5 who will go through to an interview and then have two presentations in front of industry professionals on the 12th.

A pretty excited and also slightly scary opportunity!

To get through to the final 15 all students had to create a 2 minute video, answering the following questions below, and send across a copy of our CV;

Why did you chose events as a career?

If you had to be stuck in a lift for 12 hours with 3 famous people, who would they be and why

What is the biggest decision you have had to make in your life and did you make the right choice

If you had to pick a well know song that would describe the sound track of your life what would it be and why? Think of a well known song title that describes your life.

Why do you think you should win The Eventice?

You can see my application video here. This competition has been running for three years and most of the students who have taken part have been able to secure industry jobs even if they didn’t win the competition.

I was always interested in the competition since I first hear about it via my University in 2012, but I made the decision that I wanted to take part back in October. I realised that even if I didn’t get past the video application I would be more annoyed that I didn’t give it ago & since I am about to graduate this year I though what do I have to lose? 

We all know how hard it is to secure a job in the current climate, it doesn’t matter that you may have a first class degree or have done a placement year because the simple fact is the job market is tough!
More and more people are finding different ways to secure a Job. Below is a video, by two of my favourite youtubers, where they talk about how they got their current jobs and the different experiences they went through to get to that point!

I will keep you all updated throughout the process of the Eventice & you can keep more up to date with how it goes over on twitter (@blogbykobrak).

I shall be posting about as many interesting opportunities for Event students as possible to help the process of finding a job slightly easier, but remember you still have time to apply for BEcause Graduate Scheme.

As you may know this blog is entered into the National Blog Awards 2014 within the Events Category, and until the 26th of January it is open to the Public’s Vote – if you haven’t already it would mean a lot for you to go over and vote for me within this category.

I have written IDS for almost three years now and it is something I enjoy immensely but I have never had the opportunity to be recognised for it, your Vote means so much to me.

Thank You. 

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  • Well done on getting through to the final 15 of the Eventice – fantastic news! You deserve to go far! Good luck and I will look forward to hearing more!

  • Thank you very much Becki, you are so kind! I’m very excited & I will be sharing more about it over then next month! But really thank you đŸ™‚