Roundup Friday

Today we are now 31 days into 2014. How has it worked for you so far
January has been pretty great for me, I realised at the start of this month that my future is only in my hands & if I want to do certain things then I should go for it. 
No more waiting for things to happen. No more i’m afraid to give to try. Lets just see where we go. 
I think this is what happens when you come to your final term of University, because after four years you suddenly have to reflect on where you plan on going with your next chapter. You understand that it is time to enter the ‘real world’
So to celebrate the last month I thought I would roundup with a few of my favourite things from January 2014! 
  • Family – This month saw me getting to celebrate my baby cousin’s baptism, a beautiful day with some pretty neat people! *and thats not just because they are related to me!*
  • Coffee Tumbler – By far the best buy of the New Year, as a poor student this has helped me save a ridiculous amount of ££ that used to be spend of expensive coffee before lectures! 
  • #bloghour & #sbloggers – Twitter chats have allowed me to speak to some really fantastic people from all across the UK (& world), as well as find some great blogs to occupy my free time! 

What have been your favourite things from January?