How to effectively search for a Job?

It is now that time of year where the end of university is looming and the inevitability of becoming a graduate is all too real.

People are soon going to be asking you about your plans for when you finish, what career you are wanting to work in & then they will pass on their advise to help you with the job search, because obviously we have no clue about what we are doing.

Now some of it will be sound advice but all of it you will have heard a multiple of times before & the only way to escape the propping questions is to already have an answer for them. Which means you will need to have a plan in place or have started the job search.

I know that the job hunt is a long and tedious process, it involves searching through hundreds of advertised jobs for your dream one, then reading the job spec and doubting that you have the skills they are looking for or the experience.

Then you move on to the application process; trying painfully to write a good covering letter (you can read my previous post about writing a successful covering letter), then making sure your CV showcases all you fantastic past experience (I also wrote about writing a successful CV) and finally comes the most painful stage: waiting

JOB SEARCH – Places to look. 

However the great thing is the job hunt process is that it is changing, instead of only being able to look for jobs on recruitment websites, such as etc, you can now find companies advertising opportunities through their social media sites, as well as through websites like

Below are some places to check out when searching;

  • It is still important to check out regular sites such as Monster, Reed, Total Jobs & The Guardian, as these allow you to search for jobs under a particular industry, such as events. There will be a large number of jobs advertised but they will also have a high number of applications, which means more competition. 
  • You can use companies such as ESP Recruitment who will match you with relevant job opportunities & assist with the whole process. 
  • If a company decides not to advertise on a third party website they will instead be placing it on their own website. Which means it is always a good idea to regularly check the recruitment pages on businesses websites. They may also make people aware they are hiring via their social networking sites like twitter and Facebook which makes it pretty important to be following your ideal companies on these sites as well. 
  • Twitter also involves the infamous # hashtag & following #eventprofs and other industry related tags should help you become aware of companies who advertise their available jobs via social media.
  • Linkedin is also a great website to check out when searching for jobs, as they have a lot of opportunities advertised, and some companies will let people know about their job opportunities through related groups as a way to target ideal candidates. 
  • I recently read an article about the bad responses Julie Jansen received when she advertised a job on craigslist, but the thing is you remember the cardinal rules of any job application that shouldn’t happen to you. But also remember that websites such as craigslist allow recruiters to reach a wider range of people which in turn means they will receive a large number of applications!

APPLICATION – How to stand out. 

But with the way we communicate changing, there is an opportunity to make your job application stand out of the crowd and make the job search much more interesting. Instead of sticking to typical covering letter some savvy people have done video applications, similar to what I had to do when applying for The Eventice, some have even hired out billboards to display their skills and expertise outside the company they want to work for & whilst I was on placement one intern applied by sending in a cake with their picture and a QR code, which directed us to their personal webpage where they had uploaded a cover letter & CV.

These are all different ways to get the attention of employers and help in distinguishing yourself from all the others applying, however you have to make sure the way you apply fits in with the ethos of the company and that you have enough time to do it to a high standard.

Talking to some of my friends who graduated last year, the job search isn’t simple or easy – you could be using all the different ways mentioned above to look for jobs but sadly that does’t mean you will be guaranteed to land one. Thats just down to how the job market is at the moment, but taking an active part in searching will help you answer the questions you will inevitably get asked over the next few months as you edge nearer and nearer to become a graduate!

& for all you students who are not as close to the end of University as myself, these steps can instead be used to help in finding internships, placements or even part time work.

All that is left to say is GOOD LUCK & if you have any other ways you think can help in the Job Search please let me know in the comments or tweet me. 

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  • Again a really great post! I’m not at the end of University yet but this summer I want to do n internship so I will keep in mind your tips! Especially sources like Twitter, I heard somebody once who got a really great job from Twitter, and I tought that was so crazy!!! Maybe it’s time for me to start an account haha xox

  • Ha, I love twitter, plus there are loads of blogger chats which happen as well – which helps in finding more blogs to read & getting people to know about your! 🙂

  • It’s about knowing and getting to know people in the industry. My advice would be to also attend trade shows as visitors, e.g. Confex, The Meetings Show and EIBTM which are great events and you can meet a lot of people, plus there are plenty of networking events to attend. Not only will you get a real feeling what the industry is about, you will also have the chance to meet all kinds of different parts of the industry. Event Companies, Venues, DMCs, Agencies, PCOs, Technology supplier and many more.

  • Great points! Totally agree that attending trade shows and networking with people in the industry is definitely something students and graduates should be doing! Thanks 🙂