A letter to a future me about 2014

Dear Future Caitlin, 

I know that for 2014 we agreed not to set any New Year Resolutions or goals, because we both know that so much is going to change this year. What with finishing four years of University and becoming a graduate and moving back into the parental home! But I also know there a few things, well four things to be exact, that by January 2015 we need to have started.

1. Start Learning to Drive:

Yes currently I am 21 and have held a learner driving licence for the four years, since I was 17. NO I cannot drive, and NO I have also never taken a driving lesson! 
I’m not sure if anyone else felt a too young to be in control of a car at 17, I did and I also didn’t have enough money to pay for all the driving lessons. Because of how late my Birthday falls in August I was worried I wouldn’t pass before I left for University. So I waited. Originally I wanted to start learning last year in 2012/13, during my placement, but my job involved long hours and most weekends so it didn’t work out.
So future Caitlin, 2014 is the year we start! Right? 

2. Start Saving Money: 

I’m lucky to have been bought up by a Mother who is very good and sensible with money, she taught me to only spend what I have and to think in the long term. I wasn’t allowed to take out a student overdraft when I first went out to University, and I stuck by that for the last four years, so apart from my tuition fees and student finance loans I am actually in quite a good position with my debt! 
But with the imminent move back home when I graduate in June, the need to learn to drive, buy a car and still have some money to socialise I need to buck up with this grown up saving thing! So future Caitlin, lets open that saving account and put a few ££ away! 

3. Go Travelling:

The traveling plan is actually something I am in the middle of organising, a 2 week holiday to a few European cities with a few of my best friends. I’m quite excited about this! I’m also hopefully going back to Paris for a few days with my Mum in 2014 & making a little trip back up to Scotland to see my family! 
I think the real thing is that I don’t want to get sucked back into the London bubble, I need to remember to see other parts of the UK and visit friends who aren’t living in the South East. Take a weekend trip to places I visited as a kid or have never had the chance to go to! 

4. Get a Job:

And Finally the most important and most grown-up goal, GET A JOB! That must be on every students goal list, right? Now I am trying to be realistic here, what with the current climate and knowing how my friends have been struggling since they all graduated, so i’m aiming for ‘a job‘ not ‘the job‘! Although it would be perfect if it was within the events industry! 
If we can do this four things throughout 2014 then I think it is safe to say this year will be quite a success!

Lets get to it!
Current Caitlin xx

Have you any aims you want to set your future self? Any goal for 2014 that you are hoping to achieve? 

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