5 DAYS LEFT: National Blog Awards 2014

There is just 5 days left of the public voting for the UK National Blog Awards & since they opened on the 16th December I have had a really fantastic response from you guys. I was nominated in three different categories but my nomination within the Events Category is the one that means the most, because it is why I started this blog and the topic most discussed in all my posts.

Since the New Year I have been working hard on keeping IDS updated on a regular basis *Every Tuesday, Friday & Sunday!*, creating stronger content that serves a purpose as well as being relevant to you guys, and updating the blog to a space that I feel confident to share on a professional platform.

Being part of the National Blog Awards has really helped me realise the impact writing a blog can have, as well as allowing me to learn more about the blogging community, because since my nomination in #UKBA14 I have had the chance to speak to some incredible people and find even more amazing blogs to read.

The competition is very strong within all the categories and every vote helps, I am still developing this blog as a place to share exciting opportunities as well as balancing my personal experiences within the event industry, but if you are unsure if you are wanting to vote for IDS below are some of my most popular & informative blog posts since starting writing this blog back in May 2011;

If you enjoy this blog or any of the posts you have read & haven’t already voted it would mean so much for you to go over and give me your vote.

2014 has already started off on a good foot & getting further within the Blog Awards would be utterly amazing.


  • Mike

    Nice read! I like the suggestions.

  • Thanks very much Mike.