#4 Sunday Link-up: Presentations

I am now full swing into preparing my two presentations for The Eventice & since I obviously want to give the best one I can, I conducted a google search earlier this week. This weeks link-up is to help anyone who needs some moral support with the preparation for their presentation!

Tips for Giving Really Amazing Presentations by Kevin Daum (Inc.) – Five simple but effective pointers to make sure your presentation is both entertaining but also focused.

5 Powerful Ways to Open a Presentation by Scott Schwertly – This post is all about how you make people listen from the start, how you engage them from the first sentence! 

How to Give the Best Presentation You Possibly Can by Karl Gude (Huffington Post) – A really detailed post that helps you from the initial planning stage right through to the actual presentation! 

Only Way to Prepare to give a Presentation by Bill Rosenthal (Forbes) – Some more points to help you with ways to prepare for your presentation! 

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