#2 Sunday Link Up: Career themed

In preparation for heading back to Uni tomorrow I decided that that this Sunday’s Link -Up should focus on a more career orientated theme than lasts weeks post.

Interview Questions: Hiring Experts Revel their Favourites by Arianne Cohen (Businessweek). It had never previously crossed my mind that people might ask me these types of questions before, considering that the only interviews I have done before have all be for part time jobs or for my Placement. I feel I may have been slightly naive about the whole interview process!

What do to when someone takes credit for your ideas? by Jen Dziura (The Grindstone). I am a big fan of Jen Dziura, she writes some amazing articles about careers and women (it took a lot to not have all the link-ups going to her articles!).

Finding your Dream Job from the Bathroom Floor by Frances Bridge (Forbes). A fantastic piece for anyone who has recently graduated and is struggling to find a job!

How Social Media can (hopefully!) get you ahead in your career. by Rachel Emma Hosie (Handbags and Cupcakes). I recently stumbled upon Rachel’s blog and she has some really great posts in regards to careers and university and this one reminded me of the post I wrote last month for Events Management News about twitter.

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If you have any interesting articles that you have read over the last week I would love for you to send them over to me, either in the comments below or via twitter. 

  • Oh that’s so interesting I’m going to read some! I’m in University too and I’m soooo scared for what’s next haha so I need all the info I can get! A couple of weeks ago (or maybe a month) there was also a very interesting interview on the blog of garance doré with a headhunter of big companies like LVMH, maybe you would like to read it! xxx
    ps and I’m going to vote now! You have a great blog that focuses on great content and those are rare :p

  • I will definitely go and check out that interview! I’m really glad you like the blog 🙂 & thats such a nice thing to say! And don’t worry it is not as scary as it looks when you have to start applying for jobs!