Vote for IDS in the UK Blog Awards 2014

Whats this, another post so quickly! Thats right i’m procrastination slightly from finishing my final essay of 2013 BUT it is all for a good reason! I’m here to ask you lovely readers to vote for me in the UK Blog Awards 2014.

This is a shameless promotion of a post but voting starts today, from the 16th December through to the 26th January 2014.

I wrote about the #UKBA14 a few weeks ago & now that voting is open to the public I am here to ask you for a small favour, to spend a few minuets voting for me.

I’m entered into three categories, you can either vote for me in all three or if you prefer just one (If you are voting for just one I would love for that to be the Events category)

Clicking the links below will take you to the each of my categories on the website, you need to quickly register online with your email address before you can vote & you can only vote once per category.

Events: Which is by far the closest to my heart – as an Events Management student writing a blog mostly concerned with the events industry, its kind of a no brainer why this is my perfect category!

Education: This is an area I am very passionate about; when I graduate I want to use evens within the education sector to engage students with their education. I also seem to be able to go into lengthy debates about the pro’s and con’s of higher education & whether you need a degree to succeed!

& finally the Young Person Blog Award (18-25):  Because if someone is letting me get away with officially being classed as young I am of course going to snap up the chance! Adulthood may be where I am heading & I may not ‘hang-out’ so much in clubs but i’m only 21 & apparently that makes me a young person!!

It would mean a lot for me if you would go and vote. Writing this blog is such a fantastic thing to be able to do and it has offered me some amazing opportunities already but having the chance to get this blog recognised on another scale would be so incredible & that can be achieved with your help!

Thank you, in advance, for voting for me!
@imdamnstudent & @blogbykobrak