Quick Christmas update

You can tell that it is almost the end of term when university students become hauled up in the library and fail to have any interactions that are not concerned with essays or assignments. I have spend the last 3 weeks, since my last post, attempting to write three 2,000+ essays about various topics such as the legacies of large scale events and figuring out the working capital of a business (i’m still trying to get my head around that last one!)

So as you can see it has been pretty hectic, i’ve still got another assignment to finish off for next week along with  a few projects that need completing before the rush of Christmas; but all that feels pretty doable now that I am home surrounded by family and friends. I always find that during the last weeks of term its very easy to get wrapped up in the stresses of university and get sucked into the bubble of ‘nothing else is quite as important’, but when you step away from that that you become aware that life has a lot more to offer.

Christmas is my favourite time of the year, it is a time to celebrate with family and appreciate those closest to me, but it is also the perfect time to consider the options for the new year. I am not a New Years resolution type of girl, (because I always end up failing within 2 weeks), but I do find that the Christmas break gives me an opportunity to think about what I aim to achieve over the following year. & with 2014 being the year I graduate – a plan for my future career would be a good thing to start considering!

There shall be a new dissertation post up next week – but in the mean time have a catch up on the previous posts here!

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But before you go do you have any future plans for 2014?