Happy New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR my wonderful readers! 

I don’t know about you but for the last four consecutive years I have described each new year as a ‘Very Important One!’ I will admit that each of the last four years have featured some quite big events, including moving away from home, starting University and completing my year in Industry.

However I think it is about time I realise that each year will continue to involve some big moments, its kind of what happens when you grow up! 
I also made the choice last year to stop making ‘resolutions’ because I know that I never stick to them, & 2014 involves a lot of uncertainty.  I know that this next semester is going to be pretty hectic and I don’t have a concrete plan for when I finish University in June, this all made it easier in deciding to not set any resolutions because I know far too well that real life will get in the way!

However in saying that I have had a lot of fun reading & hearing about what fellow bloggers and friends have set as their New Year resolutions and goals for this coming year! 

Have you set any New Year resolutions or goals for 2014? 

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  • Thank you for the very sweet comment Caitlin!! I hope I will be able to keep my resolutions this year haha:) But I get why you stopped with making them:) So sweet that you left a comment, I sometimes read blogs for years before leaving a comment so I know what you mean! Hope 2014 will be a flourishing year for you on both personal and business (blogging:p) side!! xxx

  • Thanks for your lovely comment, Caitlin. We replied underneath but we thought we’d stop by and show you some love!

    Good luck with 2014. Graduation is frightening but we have every faith in you!