World Prematurity Day – 17th November 2013

Yesterday, 17th November, was World Prematurity Day – an opportunity to raise awareness about the 15 million babies born premature all across the world.

I have mentioned before that I was born 11 weeks premature, at 29 weeks and weighed under 2 pounds (which is less than a small bag of sugar!)

So to join in with #wpd I wanted to share a few baby pictures of myself.

In the incubator whilst my mum looks in. 
The little yellow bear is around the same size as me when I was first born.
It is only slightly bigger than an adults hand. 
As you can see the nappy was too big for me, but it was for small newborns.
A picture of my mum next to me in the incubator 
Dressed in a dress that was slightly too big!
Wrapped up warm in a pink blanket. 
And fast asleep!

I was very lucky because even though I was a prem baby, I have hardly had any health issues since & have had a pretty good 21 years so far. There are a lot of premature babies who have slightly immature lungs and they are more susceptible to neonatal jaundice, which is why World Prematurity Day is very important as it raises awareness about the issues that families and babies face. It would mean a lot if you would have a look at the work charities, such as Bliss, have done so far.

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  • I think it’s so awesome that you’re posting as a former preemie for World Prematurity Day! Very cool!

  • Well thank you 🙂 I think it is an important thing to do, raising awareness on the subject, because it can be very hard for the families and very scary for parents! And I want to share my story because, apart from being slightly shorter than most in my family, i’ve turned out all right! I just had a look over at your blog – really great post for WPD!